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Shipping - Grapper kayaks



There is a good reason most the kayak web-shops do not offer delivery for kayaks at all, and the ones which do – not for a cheap.

Kayaks are very bulky, unconventional item, and this makes them sufficiently difficult for transportation and handling. Not only transport is really expensive, but it is also hard to find a company that would be willing to do it at all.

We cover large part of the transport cost as otherwise it would be unbearable for single purchase. By this, we believe that the offered prices are more than fare having in mind the product (kayak) specificity stated above.

Transportation costs are as follows:

  • Kayaks from 20>30kg are shipped for 59 EUR to your address in mainland Germany.
  • Kayaks from 30>40kg are shipped for 89 EUR to your address in mainland Germany.
  • Kayaks from 40>50kg are shipped for 99 EUR to your address in mainland Germany.

We cannot offer shipping to address on island.

Orders are gathered through till Thursday of week (A), and shipped on Friday same week(A). These, should arrive usually from Wednesday to Friday of next week (B). However, if order is not processed till end of Thursday of week (A) it would be processed and loaded in Friday of week (B) and received till the end of week (C).

Weeks around holidays, especially Christmas, are subject to difficulties with delivery. If your order is to be placed around holidays, please contact us accordingly for the planning of shipments.

For logistics purposes, items may be transferred between 2 or more transport and warehouse companies, which is out of our control, and sometimes out of our knowledge. Thus, we cannot provide with assurance which the final transport company will be and respectively a tracking Nr.